Receiverships & Special Assets

The Halliday Group is positioned to handle any and all responsibilities associated with the management and brokerage relating to receiverships and special assets.  With a proven track record and extension experience, Halliday Group has successfully handled over 60+ cases of various degrees of difficulty over the years for a multitude of product types.  These include multi-family apartment buildings and single-family residential, as well as office, industrial, and retail properties of various sizes.

Our Receiverships & Special Assets services can be customized to fit your needs. Some examples of what we can provide are:

  • Performing minor and major exterior and interior repairs and renovations
  • New construction management
  • Closing any open permits
  • Clearing up code violations
  • Asset management
  • Completing any unfinished permitted work
  • Court appointed receivership duties
  • General brokerage (sales and leasing)
  • Special magistrate duties